Decentralized Cryptocurrency Microtipping Platform.


Autotip is a Chrome Browser extension that tips very small amounts of bitcoin to the creators of websites you visit.

It is an alternate way of monetizing content that dooes not require placing advertisments onto webpages.

Official Autotip News Items

Autotip 1.25 plus the Audio API

June 12, 2015, 10:19 p.m., by chris

Autotip 1.25 has been released (actually it was released a few weeks ago)

This new version includes the Audio API. This allows people to place audio files onto webpages that will tip the artist when the song plays. One such site that takes advantage of this functionality is MusicStation.Tips.

Also I had to discontinue the Autotip Giveaway Program, due to lack of popularity. Currently only like 5 people are using Autotip. When more people start using Autotip, I'll reinstate the program. Until then it doesn't make sense to give money away to myself.

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1.24 and new sites adopting the microtip meta tag

April 7, 2015, 6:43 p.m., by chris

Autotip Chrome Extension 1.24 has just been released. It contains some very minor changes from 1.23 which was released a few days ago.

Also, some of you may rememberI mentioned the Autotip Giveaway Program a few weeks ago. That idea is still on, and the first drawing will happen this upcoming friday. All the code for drawing the winners can be found on github.

Basically, each week, we'll be giving away 2% of the total donation taken in. For this coming friday, 82 cents will go out to half of all people who made a tip within the preceding 7 days. Based on current usage, only 3 or 4 people will get a payout. If more people use Autotip, more people will get a payout. If more people donate to Autotip more money will go to each winner. You know if you've won a payout by there being a transaction in your Autotip deposit address that you didn't put there. The last 3 or 4 versions of the chrome extension has code to notify you via a browser notification if you've received a payout.

Since there are so few sites at this time that support the microtip meta tag specification, I feel its appropriate to mention when a new site adds the met a tag. A few days ago I noticed has the microtip meta tag on every page. Theres also, as well as a few others. If you know of any other sites that are using the meta tag, please post the link onto the Autotip subreddit.

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Autotip Chrome Extension 1.22

March 30, 2015, 12:30 a.m., by chris

The best version of Autotip to date! The following changes are in the new version:
  1. Use bitstamp price if winkdex is down. This weekend, winkdex was experiencing some downtime, which affected the use of Autotip. The code has been changed to fallback to bitstamp when winkdex can't be reached.
  2. Better handling of the colored browser bar icon. Now it shows green if you've already tipped a page.
  3. This extension now is able to notify you if you've received a giveaway payout. The first payout hasn't been made yet, but when it does (next Friday, postponed from last Friday) the winners will be notified of it.
  4. Cleaned up code to make it more readable. Mostly added some comments and renamed some variables.
If you have Autotip installed from the chrome extension web store, the new version will be downloaded automatically within the next few days.

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