Decentralized Cryptocurrency Microtipping Platform.

Autotip Chrome Extension Usage

For tippers

  1. Go to the chrome Web store, and search for Autotip. Install the extension.
  2. Refresh any page with the autotip meta tag embedded ( is one example)
  3. You should see a little "a" icon in your browser's address bar. Clck that icon. A popup should appear. You may also see a notification telling you your auotip balance is zero. This is true, since you haven't deposit any bicoin to the extension yet.
  4. Inside that popup you will see a QR code. That QR code is your deposit address. You must send some bitcoin to that address.
  5. Another way to see your deposit address is to go to the options page from the chrome://extensions page.
  6. From now on you'll tip $0.05 worth of bitcoin for each page that you land on with the autotip meta tags embedded. If you feel like $0.05 is too much, you can change that value in the options page. You can also configure it to send automatically, or only from the popup.

Debugging the extension

If you think the extension is being buggy, open the "background page" from within the chrome://extensions page. From there open the "console" tab. The extension was built to be very verbose so there should be some text there descibing what the problem may be. If you can't understand what is goin on, take a screenshot of your background page console and post it into a github issue. No personal information or private keys will ever get printed into the console.

For Content Creators

If you are a content creator and are interested in tagging the pages that contain your content, take a look at the Meta Tag Specification page.